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Nonpoint Source/Erosion Control

Current JETCC Training Listings and Directions

Continuing Education for Certified Contractors:  Controlling Turbidity from Construction Sites - CD-Rom Order Form

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To learn more about the Nonpoint Source Training Center visit this link: http://www.maine.gov/dep/training/npstrc-schedule.html


The Maine DEP Non Point Source Training Center (NPSTC) develops and produces training courses in erosion control practices, and watershed protection. It also administers a voluntary certification program for contractors who participate in the erosion control courses. To publicize these events, the Non-Point Source Training Center distributes two newsletters with training schedules each year plus periodic flyers. Participants in these classes include excavation contractors, consultants, Code Enforcement Officers, Professional Engineers, landscape designers, septic system installers, homeowners, as well as personnel working on erosion control, road maintenance and stormwater management plans.

Past session titles include:

  • Design of Erosion Control & Sediment Control Practices for Engineers & Consultants
  • Inspection of Stormwater and Erosion Control BMPs
  • Septic System Installation
  • Basic & Advanced Erosion Control Practices
  • Salt Management Training
  • Controlling Turbidity from Construction Sites
  • Maintenance and Inspection of Stormwater BMPs
  • Low Impact Development (LID) Workshop
  • Hydraulic Mulches & Spill Prevention
  • LakeSmart Training for Landscapers
  • Pollution Estimation Techniques
  • Chapter 500 Stormwater Management Rules
  • Training on New Stormwater BMPs
  • Conference on Better Roads and Parking, Design, Construction and Maintenance
  • Controlling Construction Site Runoff
  • LakeSmart Training for Landowners
  • Grappling with Stormwater Management in this Era of Climate Change Workshop
  • Porous Pavement
  • Permeable Road Bases
  • Shoreline Stabilization Conference