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    The Joint Environmental Training Coordinating Committee was established in 1985 to coordinate training that meets the needs of Maine’s environmental professionals.

  • About Us
    To help protect the environment, public health and quality of life in Maine by coordinating affordable, high quality training that meets the needs of water pollution control personnel and other environmental professionals throughout the state.

  • Schedule/Directions
    On this page are the course descriptions and directions for all of the upcoming JETCC training sessions.

  • Wastewater Operator Training
    JETCC publishes a schedule of certification training and continuing education courses for wastewater operators each fall and spring for operators who work in Maine’s wastewater treatment facilities.

  • Wastewater Operator Certification
    JETCC currently coordinates the wastewater training program for Maine under an agreement with the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC).

  • Drinking Water
    JETCC publishes a schedule of certification training and continuing education courses each fall and spring for operators who work in Maine’s water treatment facilities. These topics receive training contact hour (TCH) approval from the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Drinking Water Program (DWP) for Drinking Water Operator License renewal credit.

  • Non Point Source/Erosion Control
    The Maine DEP Non Point Source Training Center (NPSTC) develops and produces training courses in erosion control practices, and watershed protection. It also administers a voluntary certification program for contractors who participate in the erosion control courses.

  • Septic System
    Each year the “Basic Onsite Wastewater System Installation Course” is offered as the mandatory first step for contractors seeking recognition through the Maine Department of Health and Human Services Voluntary Certification Program for Septic System Installers.

  • Management Candidate School
    JETCC, Maine DEP and DHHS, Maine Wastewater Control Association, and Maine Water Utilities Association are pleased to offer the Management Candidate School (MCS). This 12-month training program provides the intensive training, networking and skill-development coursework necessary to prepare the next generation of water and wastewater managers and leaders.

  • North Country Convention
    The North Country Convention takes place every other year in Presque Isle, Maine. It is organized and presented by the Maine Joint Environmental Training coordinating committee (JETCC), in cooperation with Maine Wastewater Control Association (MWWCA), and New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC).

  • JETCC Partner Links
    Resource Links for environmental professionals.

  • Awards and Recognition
    Lee Agger Award
    Founders Award
    Maine DEP Outstanding Achievement

  • Lee Agger Award
    The Lee Agger Award was established in 1990 in memory of Lee Agger, whose hard work in establishing JETCC was an inspiration to all who worked with her.

  • JETCC Founders Award
    The JETCC Founders Award is given annually to an operator, maintenance worker or laboratory personnel working in a municipal or industrial wastewater treatment system in Maine. The JETCC Founders Award is intended to recognize a staff member working in a plant or wastewater system.

  • Thank You To Our Sponsors
    We would like to acknowledge host facilities and businesses for contributions that help covering the cost of program coordination, refreshments & supplies.

  • Contact Us
    Visitors to the Maine JETCC web site may use this form to ask any questions they may have about this web site or any other questions they may have for Maine JETCC.

  • Privacy Statement
    Maine JETCC uses its best efforts to respect the privacy of our on-line visitors.