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Wastewater Operator Training

Current JETCC Training Listings and Directions

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JETCC publishes a schedule of certification training and continuing education courses each fall and spring for operators who work in Maine’s wastewater treatment facilities. Training topics cover process control, laboratory analysis, infrastructure, maintenance and regulatory issues. Classes are scheduled in locations throughout Maine. Training certificates are awarded to participants after successful completion of each session. All of the classes listed in this section are approved for continuing education by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection wastewater treatment plant operator certification program.

Maine’s licensed wastewater treatment plant operators are required to obtain 18 hours of continuing education every 2 years. Wastewater treatment plant operator certification in Maine is attained after passing a state exam which is offered each November and May. The Maine Department of Environmental Protection oversees Maine’s Wastewater Operation Certification Program.

JETCC’s wastewater training program began as a grassroots effort in the early 1980’s when Maine’s wastewater treatment operators joined with Maine Wastewater Control Association, and Maine Department of Environmental Protection to create a legislatively authorized organization specifically to design training programs to meet their needs.

In 1985 Maine JETCC was established. Since its inception JETCC has been managed by the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC). As a Maine-based program, JETCC receives many benefits from affiliation with this nationally recognized partner.

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To help protect the environment, public health and quality of life in Maine by coordinating affordable, high quality training that meets the needs of water pollution control personnel and other environmental professionals throughout the state.